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For good reason, banks are often seen as the most secure institutions on the planet. We entrust them with our money, and it's their job to keep it safe. In order to fulfill this commitment, top-notch bank IP surveillance systems are a necessity. With recent innovations in digital technology and IP surveillance, many banks are looking to increase the effectiveness of their security systems by investing in this new technology.

The banking industry has used legacy equipment for IP surveillance for a very long time. Banks are the one industry that certainly needs higher resolution quality video for obvious reasons. However old ideas die hard and established companies have served this industry adequately for decades using DVR systems. Most of the banks use an alarm company to handle their total security solutions. As alarms are the industry mandatory item due to insurance requirements often their UL services for bank security is carried over to the video deployment as well.  

Photo picked from: Malaysia Insider
The robber, who took less than two minutes to rob the bank, took off with RM11,000 in the incident.
Technology has advanced far past placing a minimum of 10-20 cameras within the main lobby and teller areas of any financial institution. The reasons for this is generally that they need higher detail. It is not uncommon to see almost any bank have this amount right out front. In our opinion and we think as evidentiary rule the standard for bank video needs to be made higher by means of turning to IP based platforms for the video side of their operations. 

The ability to get ‘facial id’ for theft is greatly enhanced and with much less footprint of cameras by using the ‘new standard’.  In certain countries the quality of video used for documentation of ‘events’ has to be at a 4 CIF image quality at a minimum. That level is not being met by the vast majority of banks currently.  

This industry is certain to change albeit slowly, however when you can replace old with new and to do so with similar costs the value equation is heavily in favor of IP based standards. We welcome this as public safety should be first priority.  IP has so much more to offer financial facilities and we are eager to show them..

Below is a bank lobby recorded using a panoramic IP camera. It can easily replace 4-6 analog DVR based cameras for an overview of any open facility, such as in a bank lobby.

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  1. You are right, not just the Bank need CCTV Cameras, last week, the Ex-MP of Selangor, had mentioned KL need more CCTV Cameras too, to effectively combat and prevent crime....