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Access control systems are commonly used to restrict the access to a specific place, premise, or resources. Access control system can also be served as time attendance device to track employees working hours. There are two types of access control system, which is standalone access control system and network access control system. Standalone access control systems works alone, as it limits the authorised user to enter.

Introducing ANVIZ Access Control Sytems

ANVIZ access control systems are using BioNano algorithm technology that it will be able to identify a fingerprint within 0.5 second. ANVIZ products are 2-in-1 access control and time attendance system with biometric technology. Product range of ANVIZ are including Iris recognition, Fingerprint recognition and facial recognition devices. 


Anviz have been devoted to the research and promotion of industrialization of fingerprint algorithm. Anviz fingerprint technology has been utilized in all industries. With the increase of use of fingerprint products, users have higher requirement for accuracy, efficiency and identification speed. Anviz has made great improvements in fingerprint characteristics extraction, fingerprint image classification, index, compression, pre-treatment, match algorithm etc.

Look at the whorls on your index finger. Every fingerprint is almost entirely unique – that’s why they’ve been dusted for crime detection for more than a century. Technology is moving on. Biometric scanning is the process of checking a fingerprint, iris, or face pattern with a technological device. But what does the mass introduction of Biometrics mean for your privacy?

What is Biometric Scanning?
Biometric scanning is the process of ‘reading’ a physical feature such as fingerprint, iris, face, vein, or voice. When you present your fingerprint or iris, the biometric reader creates a digitized template which will be used to recognize you in the future. The template is stored, either in a central system, or on your card.

Where is Biometric Scanning Used?
Biometric scanning is already used in many workplaces, high-tech laptops, and on passports in some Asia countries. It is also being proposed for the new Identity Cards which could soon be compulsory in the Malaysia.

Biometric scanners are currently used to register asylum seekers and monitor travellers passing through major airports. The UK and USA are in discussions about sharing their biometric information in the anti-terror campaign. In Europe, the sharing of information between police and immigration officials is being orchestrated. The Home Secretary recently remarked that the UK could not hope to improve its security systems by remaining inside a “bubble”, insisting that this sharing of personal biometric data is crucial to a safe future.

Is Biometric Scanning Foolproof?
Ever since a secondary school tested out a top-notch Biometrics system for dishing out school dinners, then declared it too slow, and worth another try in 12 months, biometric testing has been something of a laughing matter. Will it really be good enough for our national security?

The National Physical Laboratory carried out tests on behalf of the Home Office, which is looking for two methods (a primary and a back-up) to use on the new Identity Cards. The report indicated that minor factors such as a cut finger, poor light, bad positioning, watery eyes or contact lenses influence the success of scanning. 98% of fingerprint scans resulted in the successful acquisition of an image and 100% of facial scans produced a usable image. The report also showed that, once an image was produced, the number of false matches was quite high.

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