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Many consumers may wonder whether upgrading CCTV cameras is possible, or even really necessary. This is particularly the case for the early adopters of Video Surveillance Systems, who may feel that their systems have served them for many years and are still in good working condition. However, such consumers have to understand that technology is ever evolving. As such, security camera and equipment manufacturers have been able to improve on their existing security solutions and develop other systems that take into account emerging security challenges. 

What Are The Options Of Upgrading CCTV Cameras

1.    Upgrading from Analog to IP Video Surveillance

Traditional surveillance camera systems were basically analog based. However, rapidcctv camera advancements in technology have seen analog technology become outdated and IP technology take its place. As such, home and business owners who invested in the analog systems have two options; either replace their entire security camera systems or upgrading CCTV cameras. There are many benefits for upgrading from analog to digital. For instance, professional grade IP surveillance systems offer a variety of benefits, most of which are meant to address the challenges posed by the analog systems. These include:

Remote viewing: With IP CCTV cameras, users can remotely access their security footage to enable them monitor events in real-time.
Megapixel resolution: IP Cameras offer HD quality images of up to 10MP. This is unlike analog cameras which could only offer SD quality images measured in TV lines.

2.    Upgrading IP CCTV Systems

Many home and small business owners may not have sufficient resources to allow them to invest in the kind of security camera systems that can fully cater to their needs. As such, these users have the option of gradually implementing their Video Surveillance Systems. By doing so, they would only be required to pay for what their budgets can afford at the time, and keep upgrading cctv cameras as funds become available. The initial system will usually consist of basic features. Subsequent upgrades will introduce the more advanced features and functionality such as night vision, higher resolution cameras, and higher storage capacity.

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  1. I have been using my Vitotek IP Camera for 7 years, think it's time I should change a latest model Vivotek FE8181V, but my hubby said, our IP Camera still can use, why need to change now..........

  2. Erm, mine CCTV Camera, had use for 4 years, recently just buy a new with higher resolution Vivotek FE8181A! And, I am quite satisfy with the resolution!

  3. Not necessary to change your CCTV Camerasevery years, but please choose the best resolution CCTV Camera is vital! I would advice you seek for Iwatchs Holding for your home or office security purpose!