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Network camera is also known as Internet protocol camera (IP Camera). Unlike analogue closed circuit television camera, IP camera is able to send and receive data via computer network or internet . Network cameras, same as conventional analogue cameras has both indoor and outdoor cameras. 

Vivotek-The Megapicel Solution
Vivotek provides various types of IP camera. For indoor cameras we have dome camera, cube camera, fisheye camera, and PTZ camera. Whereas outdoor camera we have bullet camera, box camera and speed dome. Vivotek Network camera range from 1Megapixel camera to 10 Megapixel camera with different features such as, IR, WDR, Extreme weatherproof, Supreme night visibility that caters to different needs. 

Some of Vivotek cameras also has micro SD slot which prevent fail-over, as Vivotek is a well known brand in IP surveillance industry with 11 years of experience, Vivotek has good rapport with most of the major brands of NVR. Most of Vivotek cameras are compatible with the major brands of back end solutions in the market, such as Axxon, Qnap, IPcorder, Milestone and etc. You will no need to worry about getting back-end solutions that suits your need, as there are plenty of choices. 

Vivotek-CCTV/IP Surveillance Systems

Vivotek cameras can be used for different sectors and situation from home, retail, factories to projects as we have different cameras that cater to different market. Vivotek Network camera has 3 different ranges of camera, C series (commercial), V series (value) and S series (supreme. C series cameras are more suitable for retail & home used. Value Series are good to spec in for projects as they have complete range of features that will suits the needs for factories, office buildings and etc. Whereas Supreme series cameras has unique design or special features such as WDR, extreme weather proof, fish eye 360° cameras, etc. 

If you would like to check out the image quality of Vivotek Camera, you may visit our demo site for the live demo. You may also give us a call for a visit to our office for the demonstration of our Vivotek Cameras. In order to let our clients fully utilised the functions and features of Vivotek camera, we provides training to our clients, you just have to give us a call to arrange for an appointment. 

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