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Boom gate is also known as barrier gate, is a bar or pole to block vehicles access through a controlled point. Boom gate are normally seen to be installed in residential area security guard entrance post, parking facilities, or and checkpoints and entrances to restricted areas.

Iwatchs Folding 90 Degree
Boom gate helps to prevents unauthorised vehicles to enter restricted areas and limiting on authorised vehicles access. Besides that, with boom gate systems, authority may also reduced manpower in hiring guards to limit the access of unauthorised vehicles. Access card may be give to the authorised party to enter to the premises. It can be either by installing long range proximity reader GP90A or UHD long range reader to detect the access card. With the barrier gate systems and access control system, authority may also trace back the user access using the linked access control system to the barrier gate. 

There are two types of boom gate, which is barrier with folding 90 degree
Iwatchs Straight Boom Arm
folding arm, and straight boom arm. There are two different model, which is with open of close speed of either 3 seconds or 6 seconds. The length of the arm is adjustable from 3 meter to 6 meter depending on the models. 

AMGATE boom gate system is occupy with auto backtrack function. It is a built in intelligent detection technology where it allows arm to rise up if it comes across obstacles when falling. It will also automatically stop if it hits something when rising. Besides that AMGATE also has arm swing out features where by the design of the boom tray is allowed to swing out when it is hit directly by vehicle. 

AMGATE boom gate systems is using heavy duty AC motor. it can easily lift on even with additional signage installed on the arm. In case, the power of boom gate is off, you may unlock the clutch device and raise the boom arm manually. By the time the power is supplied, simply lock the clutch device again to remain normally again. AMGATE boom gate is built with solid design casing with weatherproof protection. With the barrier gate casing made with 2.5mm thickness mild steel to enhance the toughness and sturdiness of the gate.

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