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Whatever business you are involved in, it would be requiring high level of security and protection. You need to make sure that you and your employees have the perfect working environment which should be safe. Boom gates would help you for this particular task.

Access control systems are commonly used to restrict the access to a specific place, premise, or resources. Access control system can also be served as time attendance device to track employees working hours. Although access control system may limit the unauthorised person to enter the premise without permission, we still recommend our clients to add on another layer of security such as lock, or alarm to the systems. 
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There are two types of access control system, which is standalone access control system and network access control system. Standalone access control systems works alone, as it limits the authorised user to enter. Records of standalone access control systems are not recorded or not transferrable to system. 

Standalone access control is suitable for small and medium offices. While as network access control system can link up all the other doors, and the records of entrance can be transfer into a log in a computer. 

Therefore, network access control system can also serve as time attendance device. It is suitable to use for office buildings or factories. User may select whether wants to access using EM / MIFARE card, pin, or both. 
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ANVIZ Fingerprint access control systems - Using BioNano algorithm technology that it will be able to identify a fingerprint within 0.5 second. ANVIZ products are 2-in-1 access control and time attendance system with biometric technology. Product range of ANVIZ are including Iris recognition, Fingerprint recognition and facial recognition devices. 

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